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Water Features & Ponds

Argent Aqua

Water is an important aspect of any garden. This spherical water feature replicates natural granite and is centre drilled to allow water to flow up through the sphere. 

It is a stylish addition to your garden and is safe for children too.



This weather-beaten appearance has been captured here in a genuin antique millstone. An unmissable addition to any garden which can be easily converted to an attractive water feature.

The water feature shown here is constructed of two millstones, a lower large millstone upon which the smaller millstone sits.

Contact us for further details.


Garden Ponds

A garden pond can transform the atmosphere of your garden, adding colour, light and movement. In a small garden, an area of open water can actually increase the sense of space.

There are several different styles of garden pond. Which you choose and how you stock the pond will depend on the style of your garden and the space that you have available. To discuss your pond requirements in more depth, contact us.